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How Is This Restaurant Different Than All Other Bologna Restaurants?

Dine at one of the best restaurants in Bologna

2013-07-09-12.35.55.jpgAs one of Italy’s exemplary cooking schools, CIBO has been providing cooking classes to beginners, advanced and professional chefs. After learning how to cook great, original, authentic Italian dishes, student enjoy the fruits of their labor by eating what they created and often student’s friends, children or spouses join them for dinner.

Well, now you don’t have to attend class to get a great Bolognese dinner! CIBO created a WINE, DINE and LEARN experience! Our expert chefs will create a fabulous dinner for you and your friends (minimum four (4) people), right in the CIBO’s kitchen at our culinary school. Attend a class if you want hands on experience.

Possible dishes we may be preparing for you!  We will speak with you and plan the meal together!

Handmade Pasta  -Tagliatelle – Tagliolini – Pappardelle – Maltagliati – Gnocchi – Strozzapreti – Ravioli – Tortelloni – Lasagne – Cannelloni – Crespelle – Pasticcio

Ragu And Sauces For Fresh Pasta – Bolognese Ragu – Sausages Ragu – Lamb Ragu – Rabbit Ragu – Vegetarian Sauces

Risotto – Meat, Vegetable, Mushroom

Starters  – Pate And Terrine Techniques – Crescentine – Piadina – Bruschetta – Crostini – Salads – Chicken Galantina – Rabbit Porchetta

Soups – Paste E Fagioli – Vegetable Soups – Vegetable Creams – Cereals (rice, barley)

Main Courses – Cotolette Techniques – Scaloppina Techniques – Pork Tenderloin Techniques – Pork Sirloin Techniques – Veal – Lamb – Chicken – Sausages – Stews – Roasts – Meat Ballballs

Vegetables –  Pies And Flans  – Potatoes – Spinach – Leek – Broccoli – Cauliflower – Fennel

Desserts And Pastry – Tiramisu – Bolognese Trifle – Rice Tart – Mascarpone – Panna Cotta – Chocolate Flan – Various Tarts And Crostate – Zuppe Inglese